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Battleground Voting

Please vote for your two favorite icons. Only the top two icons will place.

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Voting will close Wednesday night. kotae, you may post a new theme at any time if you wish.
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Submit: Battleground

Like kotae, I've been lacking much of my image collection lately so I hope you'll forgive the concept themes. This is one we've done before. :)

This week's theme is Battleground.

One of the primary genres of the InuYasha series is action, but there actually don't seem to be many icons featuring that facet of the series. That's our focus this week.

The icon must do at least one of the following-
-Feature a character/characters in battle.
-Feature a fight between at least two characters, whether comedic or serious
-Feature a character/characters holding their weapon. They don't have to be 'using them' at that moment if you do this. They just need to be holding them or they need to be present in the image. InuYasha's tessaiga, Kagome's bow, Miroku's shakujou/kazaana, Sango's hiraikotsu, Kagura's fan, Kanna's mirror, Sesshoumaru's toukijin, Kikyou's bow, Naraku's... tentacles, the Shichinin-tai, etc etc.
-Use the word battle or a derivative (battles, battled, battleground, battling, etc.) on the icon. You can also use any synonym of the word. Those are located HERE.

You may submit two icons.

You have until 9 p.m. US central time on Friday night to get your icons in, and at that time I'll be setting up the post. (Which will conclude on Sunday

So comment to this post (make sure you're signed in- comments will be screened.) with the following information:

Your icon submission: ( img src= " url goes here " )(remove spaces)
URL of icon:
Anything else I may need to know:

Just a reminder- All icons must be at LiveJournal standard (100x100px, 40kb).

Good luck all!

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Please remember to VOTE for this week's theme.